Pillow Pets are back in stock~ Purchase 4 @ $10.28 each Shipped!

*SOLD OUT once again! If you go in and add these to your shopping cart, however, you will get an email alert when these are available again. (That’s how I found out they were back today.) Good luck! There’s a new free shipping code to try, with no minimum purchase: 3L770W. (Thanks, Milly!)

I have some good news and some “not so good” news on the Pillow Pets deal from earlier this week. First up, the good news: the Pillow Pets on sale for $9.97 are back in stock! (Remember that these are the “real” thing, not a knock-off brand.)

The not-so-good news: You need to purchase at least $35 in merchandise to get the Free Shipping offer. (Our nice coupon code for Free shipping on any order has expired.) So, if you’re in the market to buy at least 4 of these for kids, grandkids, or awesome friend gifts, (or to split this deal with a friend) here’s how to get the Pillow Pets for just $10.28 shipped:

Go to Collections, etc. and choose from 4 styles of Pillow Pets for at $9.97 each.
Add any combination of 4 to your cart. (Unicorn, Ladybug, Dog or Bumble Bee are on sale.)
Use the Free Shipping code 3LAC11C.
Final price: 4 Pillow Pets for $41.13 shipped, just $10.28 each! (Included in this price is a $1.25 processing fee for the entire order.)

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