Breaking: Double coupons at more Utah Walmart locations!

*Update: All Salt Lake area Walmart stores that were thinking double coupons decided against it. There are no Salt Lake area Walmart stores that double coupons at this time.

This just in! A Savvy Sister Shops reader, Lucinda, shared with us on the Savvy Sister Shops Facebook page that her Walmart in West Valley City will now be doubling coupons on Tuesdays!

She talked to the manager, Kelly, and I called and confirmed that the Walmart location at 5675 West 6200 South will indeed be doubling coupons up to $1.00 on Tuesdays! Is this your Walmart location? If it isn’t, it probably will be soon, right!? I hope this is a sign of more Walmart stores getting on board with double coupon Tuesdays- hurray!

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22 comments to Breaking: Double coupons at more Utah Walmart locations!

  • I wish they would do that at the Hurricane Walmart. I called and talked to the manager and they said that that will never happen here. Too many polygs I guess. :-) Enjoy your double-Tuesday shopping – I’m jealous!

  • :) Come and visit soon!

  • Megan

    Very Exciting news. Now I don’t have to drive all the way to Utah County to double! Hope they expand to more Walmart stores soon!

  • I know, this is great news for every coupon shopper in the area!

  • Diana

    Megan, I felt the same way! I can go more often now, lots less gas. :)

  • Kendra Wright

    The Walmart Neighborhood Market on 9800 S and Bangerter Highway in South Jordan does as well. :)

  • No kidding?! Wow, the double coupon trend is spreading!!! :)

  • Deni

    Savvy Shopper Deals said she heard today that they changed their minds on this. But, here’s hoping maybe they’ll at least try it out for a few weeks! Walmart in WVC doubled my coupons last night.

  • Thanks for the info! I bet they got a little overwhelmed with this last night and are re-thinking. It sounds like the Neighborhood Walmart in South Jordan is ready to go! Way to go on your double coupons Deni! :)

  • I just spoke to the walmart on Bangater and they said they are not doing the double coupons..

  • I guess we better just wait and see. What a roller coaster with these double coupons!

  • j.r.

    why is it that only walmart stores get targeted with all this double coupon, returning and exchanging of food…. i dont see any other grocery store doing this, what makes walmart differant?

  • The reason that the Walmart stores in Utah county have decided to double coupon on Tuesdays is to match the local store Ridley’s in Orem coupon policy. Ridley’s started their double coupon on Tuesdays policy over a year ago. Walmart will always price match the local stores ad items and this is their way of matching the local stores here. :)

  • Laura

    I just called the Walmart on 5675 w. 6200 s. and was told that they don’t double coupons at all.

  • Right, they changed their minds. :(

  • sb

    I just called the South Jordan Walmart and they said they are not doubling at all, and the few cashiers that have done it have gotten in trouble. :(

  • They did double…. for just one day. Thanks for reminding me to update this post. The SL Walmart doubles deals dried up, unfortunately.

  • saltlakegurl

    mariesa, what does them not doubling coupons in hurricane have to do with (the correct term is “plygs”) a little bias are we

  • Grant

    I called the west valley walmart listed above and they said they are not doubling coupons on Tuesday. Bummer.

  • Sorry, Grant- they only tried this out for one day back in May 2011. :(

  • Emily

    YAY!! I am just starting the Couponing thing and I am so excited! This Wal Mart is just right down the road from me!! Hooray!

  • Yikes, sorry Emily- this has been updated since I first posted. The SL county Walmart stores decided against doubling coupons. Are you close to a Utah county Walmart?

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